lørdag 10. september 2011



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Sécia Mischke sa...


♥ sécia

Callie Grayson sa...

i have been looking for the lamps that are in that first image!!
I love the use of plywood, it's inexpensive and can look really great!

Stylist Tina H sa...

It is very sad that bloggers take pictures and don't give credit! I reacted because you have taken several pic's and one is mine and not written about them at all you have just cared about your theme plywood. For one it is illegal to take others pic's without asking permission but since everybody's doing it it is the way it is and I like so many others do enjoy to look at carefully choosen pictures on several blogs. But the least someone like you can do is to tell your readers who the photographer is and who the stylist is. Don't you think?

jonahliza sa...

this is beautiful. thanks for this post.

Unknown sa...

These days laminate wooden floor and plywood floor are quite popular because of their affordability and cost effectiveness.

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