onsdag 7. september 2011

Home Poland

 Lovely flat found on the IKEA Family live site.

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Sécia Mischke sa...

I love you, exposed brick wall and not long enough white staircase. Want to come live with me?

♥ sécia

laponka sa...

It's so nice to see a polish flat in your blog (which I really love- it's really inspiring).
Greetings from rainy Poland!

Inger Johanne sa...

Oi! Lekkert!

Victoria sa...

The spaces you feature always have such beautiful, interesting textures. I love it.

gilead in bloom

Hazel sa...

It was such a suprise to see Joasia's flat on your blog (which I absolutely adore BTW) when I just left her blog a minute ago :).
I am proud owner of one of her pictures. I reccomend you to visit her blog! It is just as lovely as her flat.

Hazel sa...

I forgot: http://kavkadesign.blogspot.com/.

Jen of MadeByGirl sa...

love everything about this place, the white floors, exposed brick and the unique touches all over the place...!!:))))))))

E. sa...

Her blog is pretty amazing too : kavkadesign.blogspot.com

x E.