mandag 25. juli 2011


Photo : Design Shimmer

tirsdag 19. juli 2011

My home

My home was featured in a local newspaper called "BA" last week, here are some images from the articel.

more images here

mandag 18. juli 2011


Beautiful kitchen in oak and corian.
Source: Bonytt

søndag 17. juli 2011

My summer

More summer inspiration, all images is from our summerhouse
Photo: Design Shimmer
Moodboard: Design Shimmer

lørdag 16. juli 2011


 Summer inspiration

mandag 11. juli 2011

Summer lovin

Summer Lovin' from Floataway Studios on Vimeo.

Home in Spain

Please, give me a little summer feeling ....... I would like to spend my summer holidays in this house
Source: Vårt Nya Hem

søndag 10. juli 2011

My new house

Element no 14
Views in the living room
The living room from another angle ...
Kitchen windows in place and roof beams
Kitchen windows from a different angle ...
Walls on the first floor begins to take form, you can almost see the contours of the sloping roof
Here is the front of the house, looking forward to all wood panels are in place

moodboard: Design Shimmer

The house gets up quickly, and we can begin to see the contour of the room solutions. The living room and kitchen/home office has an open floor plan, I am thinking of white kitchenfronts, with a little Shimmer twist, looking forward to showing you the finished results:) 
I am still in doubt about the worktop in the kitchen.... .........
The moodboard is great to look at when I am planning, I have moodboards for every room....

torsdag 7. juli 2011

Summerhouse in London

Found this summer cabin over at Remodelista.... i like it