søndag 28. februar 2010


    All photo above, from the movie "A Single Man"

Last night's trip to the movies was to see Tom Ford's  film "A Single Man" based on Christopher Isherwood's 1964 novel of the same name. 
I can't stop thinking about the incredible styling.........
The last 6 photo is from the amazing photographer Erwin Olaf

onsdag 24. februar 2010

My bedroom

Photo: Design Shimmer
My computertable from Ikea has great storages.....for my accessories :)

søndag 14. februar 2010


Raw darkgrey structure with some feminine elements ......

lørdag 13. februar 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday dear Mother :) 
My mother has alway been interested in homefurnishing, and she have great style......
Moodboars: Design Shimmer
Photo: Design Shimmer

tirsdag 9. februar 2010


Jennifer Behrs   new colletion is wonderful, the collection is made by hand in the  studio and within a network of small workshops in brooklyn and manhattan, New York. This results in hair accessories carrying the soul of handwork, while remaining thoroughly modern in appearance.

mandag 8. februar 2010

My window

Look for the beauty in the darkness....This is my window in the livngroom.
Product mix: Some old vases from my grandmother, IKEA lamp, and  Wik and Walsøe elfin vase.
Photo: Design Shimmer

søndag 7. februar 2010

Home The Netherlands

In Love with the colour grey...
Photo: Marjon Hoogervorst