lørdag 31. januar 2009

Make room ....

Make room for the things that have meaning for you............
Thanks for all nice comments lovely ladies

lørdag 24. januar 2009


Lovisa Burfitt is a fashion designer and a graphic designer, I love her works. Her grapich designs is even on the walls in the restaurant EAST in Stockholm


Light and Dark inspiration.........

fredag 23. januar 2009


Colourful and funny print from Toxic Ink

onsdag 21. januar 2009


Beautiful beautiful beautiful handmade things from Emedemarta


Innovative tiles........when the tiles is in contact with water, beautiful flowers will appers

mandag 19. januar 2009

Home in New York

Home in New York
Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

fredag 16. januar 2009


Spectacular house in Portugal, design : Pereira Miguel Arquitectos