lørdag 29. august 2009


Wonderful hotel in Amsterdam, the interior decoration is a combination of modern Dutch design and timeless classics. Each of the 117 rooms is different, quirky and inspiring.
Lloyds Hotel

fredag 28. august 2009


New carpet from Norwegian Permafrost
For Pur Norsk

tirsdag 25. august 2009


Electric Flowers Roberts Radio from Cath Kidst

søndag 23. august 2009


Dressing the room with the girl in your heart.......

fredag 21. august 2009

Bulb lamp

Laser cut plywood lamp
Design by Barend Hemmes
for Suck UK

little lamp is shaped like a giant light bulb and houses a, erm, lightbulb.

torsdag 20. august 2009

Modern Living

Living modern and casual in this villa in The Netherlands
Photo: Taverne-agency