mandag 27. juli 2009


Hello all shimmer readers.
My computer has been damaged for a while but it has now been fixed.
I am now on holiday and will be back in August.

A tip for a summer movie is the lovely Coco Avant Chanel.
In cinemas in Norway the 28th of August.

onsdag 8. juli 2009

Shopping bag

Shopping bag from the architect trio Claesson Koivisto Rune
The design of the plastic bag is optimal. One front side and one back, both with double-folded integrated handles, joined together, makes the bag both roomy and sturdy at the same time.
A greener alternative to the plastic bag and the design is very functional


Summer camping with style

fredag 3. juli 2009

Fuzzy sofa

Fuzzy and fun sofa...... The Campana Brothers newest design for Italian furniture manufacturers Edra. Made of eco-friendly faux fur.
Photo silent world by Michael Kenna