mandag 31. mars 2008


This fantastic carpet is from the Norwegian designgroup

søndag 30. mars 2008

Rose Time

Photo Siw
Roses are so beautiful, makes my life romantic
The roses and the vintage clutch handbag is nice together
Thanks to the flowerstylist.

fredag 28. mars 2008


Nice styling from Australian stylist Carlu Seaver.
Taks to blogg : desire to inspire

Magnetic frames

I found this magnetic frames on

Photo from Dan Saelinger

Yes, Yes, Love the simply expression from Dan Saelinger


This special dinner ware is from Daniella Pena

onsdag 26. mars 2008

Norwegian design

Nice eardrops and buttons from the Norwegian company

tirsdag 25. mars 2008

Dutch Design

This dutch designer has a very strong personal touch.
My favorite is the beautiful light box, when you open the box a candle pops up and from it?s shadow shines a light!

Colour inspiration

mandag 24. mars 2008


Touch of glam


Nice photo/styling, look for more inspiration at

søndag 23. mars 2008

Vintage Humor

Love this Vintage humor look from Anne Taintor, see the whole collection on

lørdag 22. mars 2008

Design from Brazil

Nice product from Brazil h \ttp://

fredag 21. mars 2008


I love photo that gives me good feeling....This photo is taken by Lane Coder,

tirsdag 18. mars 2008

Design from Bergen

Tveit & Tornøe is a desgn studio locaded in Bergen. The main passion is furniture and product design.
The "Copenhagen Chair" was launched at the Stockhom Furniture Fair this year.
The nice dots is a set of coats hooks, made of solid oak.

lørdag 15. mars 2008


This nice wallpaper and wallstickers is from

fredag 14. mars 2008

Easter glamour

Photo Siw
Photo Siw
Photo Siw
Photo Siw
Photo Siw
Photo Siw
Photo Siw
Photo Siw
Photo Siw
Photo Siw

This photo is from my easter glam-shot.....Easter can also be glamorus. The eggs is handmade