søndag 31. august 2008

New collection

New collection from Moltex, love the Bohemian Luxury feeling


Some like it with colour.....

torsdag 28. august 2008

Interior photo

Wonderful dark interior, photo Adrian Briscoe

Diamonds are a girls best friend

The idea behind this product is that you could give your partner a hint that you would like to get married. When the user holds the cup in their hand their finger slides in to the ring and it looks like its being worn as an engagement ring.
Design :Billy Lloyd

tirsdag 26. august 2008


Lovely pillows from Blissliving

mandag 25. august 2008


Love the fashion design from Trina Turk

Inspiration collage

Beautiful art from Stina Persson, chairs from American Leather
tablelamp from Habitat

torsdag 21. august 2008

Magic animal

These beautiful magic trays from ibride in France are almost too pretty to use..
You can buy on Snow Home

Wonderful Norway

This amazing trees with knitting-stockings is from a place called Eidfjord in Norway.
Happy tree.....from the blog min magiske verden

tirsdag 19. august 2008

A cup of tea after ballet

foto dancing girl: Sølve Sundsbø foto interior: Hans Zeegers

søndag 17. august 2008

My home

Details from my home. The beautiful white cat used to stand in my grandmothers window, now it is one of my favourite childhood treasure. Horses are elegant, I have four, only toy-horses :) looks nice with pearls.

White tv

Why is almost every tv and audiovideo system black/grey, l dream of more white elements in this world. My dream is Samsungs white tv