fredag 27. juni 2008

More wallpaper

This beautyful wallpaper is from Elitis,
"Contempary sophistication"

Heat sensitive wallpaper

Turn up the heat and your wallpaper starts to blossom. Here with the radiator is off...and on,
it is incredible. Via husmuseum from Yatzer

torsdag 26. juni 2008


Wonderful toys for children, love the design of the bike


This funny things is from Design Torget

lørdag 21. juni 2008

Summer inspiration

I am waiting for the summer........

onsdag 18. juni 2008


This amazing photo is taken by Hans Zeegers

Yellow Wallpaper

l am in a yellow face now, this wonderful wallpapers is from your wallpaper via Living inAndyland

New photo book

Tim Walker is one of my favourite photographers, his work is imaginative and fantastic, with an humorous look that amaze me....
I order his new book for two montha ago, and last week it was finally in the bookstore.
Here is som pitcture from the book.

fredag 13. juni 2008


Couture cookies at the gumdrop couture shop has beautiful designs.

Camp in a car

This caravan is just amazing, enjoy the lovely design

Sunshine in my mind

Wonderful images from boligmagasiet via desire to inspire