lørdag 9. juni 2012

Home in England

This beautiful house has always been one of my favourites on the television program Grand Designs. In southwest England, interior designer and avid furniture collector Kathryn Tyler built her home around the scandianvian vintage pieces. The love and passion for scandianvian design and interior spaces came from the work of Scandinavian architects like Alvar Aalto and Sverre Fehn, as well as the Swedish summer houses that Tyler saw during childhood summer vacations. “The houses we visited in Scandinavia had such a welcoming feel, often because they used lots of wood and had really well-considered layouts. They looked lived in rather than pristine and they weren’t soulless like so much contemporary modern, architecture can be.”  

6 kommentarer:

Callie Grayson sa...

clean, simplistic, and full of natural light makes for a gorgeous home! Love that kitchen. off to check out more grand designs


ceciliegrut sa...

..just B E A U T I F U L !


Tiffany sa...

wow everything is so beautiful! i love the beautiful wooden flooring, amazing!

Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash sa...

Clean. Simle. Beautiful. And white!!!

I love it!

holly foxen wells

Christina@Sun Loungers sa...

Truly a work of art. Its like a dream house to love in exquisite innate beauty with elegance and beauty flowing from within.

Anonym sa...

We love the grey sofa! Can you tell us from which designer he is?