søndag 20. mai 2012

My new house

In the new house we must make many choicesthe moose has now moved into the kitchen/office :) The Evening sun is so beautiful here, the kitchen lights up. Smile from me, and thank you for the nice comments on the previous blog post.

7 kommentarer:

Ines sa...

Hello from Germany! What a wonderful house you got. If you ever move out and me and my family around, I would take it over. Thanks for all the wonderful views in your home.

Have a fab sunday. Enjoy your new home.


Unknown sa...

for et tøft hus dere har fått dere!
ser ut som utsikten heller ikke er så værst ;)

Unknown sa...

Kjempefin hus! Flott spisebor dere ha.

Gleder meg til å følger deg videre!

ny følger

Erla sa...

How lovely to have the evening sun

Alison Laxdal sa...

Beautiful. Would love to see more.

Anonym sa...

Why do you only give us spot pictures of your home. If you are as good as you want us to believe when it comes to interior don't give us pictures of a moose, but pictures of the whole room. Every person in the world can take spot pictures of a nice thing in their home and allege that their home looks nice. Please give us pictures that make sense,composition

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