lørdag 17. mars 2012

My new house

Sorry for the bad update on our new house, it has happened so much lately, so it has become less blogging
Here is some snapshoot from the outside, soon I will show you more. 

3 kommentarer:

TwoThirtyFiveDesigns sa...

its fabulous! can't wait to see the rest

Richelle Jelsma sa...

It seems square-shaped houses are trending in real estate property today. Well, the new house is beautiful with its plain, simplistic design. I wish you could show the inside to your viewers. By the way, why did you take the colors in black and white? It would be much better if you post full-color pictures of the place.

Mica Blake sa...

So far, the house is looking good. I can actually imagine it all fixed and renovated, it’s beautiful. Its design is very much modern-inspired.