mandag 4. juli 2011

My new house

 My bedroom with big windows...
The view from my bedroom window
 The view from my bedroom window, my boys are working :)

The window to the right is my bedroom..

From my bedroom I can see the boys working with the fence.....It will be a dream to wake up here and hear the birds :) To get a little shimmer touch, i bought a green chair and some garden tools for myself....and of course gold pearls, to mark my new tools :)

3 kommentarer:

Lau de Casalil sa...

Amazing... I'm so in love with your new house...and this fence will be perfect...just layed along the rocks... very poetic too... have a nice day!!

Rafaela sa...

I think that I will love your house! Great big windows and view :)

beauty comma sa...

hei siw, det er superspennande å følgje bygging av huset ditt! lykke til + god sommar =)