fredag 16. april 2010


Give me a summer in Spain, and i will be a very happy girl
Photo: Karina Tengenberg

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Jennifer, Decorum sa...

Give me summer ANYWHERE and I will be a happy girl. It's moving into winter here in Australia and I am so not a winter person. Enjoy the warmth.

Rikke sa...

Aaah det ser herlig ut!!!
Drømmer om Spania om dagen selv:)
Goood helg!!

Anonym sa...

With this house of my dreams I would be a very happy boy too!! I love Spain! Nice weather, beautiful houses and great cosy and joyful life!

lisasornes sa...

gleder meg til sommer & sol ♥ ha en fiiin dag!

-Lisa ♥

Kifus sa...

Ohhh such a lovely place! Just look at the colour of the water! Great pics!

A sunny week to you!

Gypsy Purple sa...

I just love this post!!!