søndag 18. oktober 2009


Whotells is a short term stay apartment complex in Barcelona.
Designed for travellers who want a more home-like feel while they’re on vacation,
The Whotell are fully decked out in the latest offerings by MUJI.
l like the modern clean look, with home-like feeling.

5 kommentarer:

Mitt lille hjem sa...

Like it!

jordi sa...

me too!


it looks like a nice, comfortable place to stay. I love Muji!

beauty comma sa...

mmm, stilig! god blåfarge i det første bildet.
skulle gått riktig fint å bu der "long term" også ;)
takk for positive ord siw!

angie sa...

thanks so much for this link! it inspired me to look at their website and think about reserving a room some day soon! *a