onsdag 8. juli 2009

Shopping bag

Shopping bag from the architect trio Claesson Koivisto Rune
The design of the plastic bag is optimal. One front side and one back, both with double-folded integrated handles, joined together, makes the bag both roomy and sturdy at the same time.
A greener alternative to the plastic bag and the design is very functional

6 kommentarer:

Linda Maria Szücs sa...

Fantastisk det øverste bildet! 70 tallet er fremdeles med oss:)God sommer!


..could they "super-size" it for us hearty Americans..?

Ingunn sa...

Stilige bilder.

Ragnhild Furulund sa...

Du har en spennende blogg med masse inspirasjon:)

chiaroscuro sa...

Somehow you can just tell on the first look that these bags are scandinavian ;-) they look great!

Anna Caroline {Design Studio 210} sa...

Very nice :) There are so many around these days, plenty to choose for us :) Now lets say No to plastic bags! :)

How are you doing?
Hope you are enjoying your summer.
/Anna Caroline
Design Studio 210