lørdag 29. desember 2012


Dette fantastiske lille hotellet i Porto i Portugal er en perle, se flere bilder av rommene her.. Caca do Conto

"" Casa do Conto is a fantastic place, both architectural and athmospherical. It is one of these places you want to keep a secret to yourself, and at the same time share it with your friends!! ""

3 kommentarer:

Unknown sa...

Digger dette hotellet!
Godt nyttår til deg om ikke lenge!

Ymmeli sa...

Et riktig godt nytt år ønskes deg og dine! Klem fra Ellen.

home builders Missouri sa...

You kept the grayness and hardness of concrete and made them into a work of art! Amazing! Concrete is often thought to be dull when used without stain, or sealers, or coverings. This is just the opposite, the simplistic design brought out the best from the concrete. Thanks for this share